Terms and Conditions

 Dear Customer,

Your order is valuable to us. We would like you to understand and appreciate how much we care for your orders. Please go through the disclaimers and stay informed. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible. Please contact us incase of queries.

1. General Disclaimer

Cakeologist retains the right to refuse any order unconditionally.

All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of Court at Gurgaon, India, only.

If Cakeologist is unable to deliver your order, then a complete refund will be made. We shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc. caused due to non-delivery.

We do not use preservatives, hence all cakes should be completely consumed within 2 days of the Delivery. Leftovers should always be refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

2. Bookings

Designer cakes take a lot of time to decorate, to give you an idea, a very simple fondant covered cake with the easiest sugar flowers/ decorations takes a cumulative of 3-4 hours spread over 1-2 days depending on weather conditions. Hot humid weather prevents quick drying which increases the lag time between each step. Therefore we require you to book your cake in advance. We also do not accept more than a certain number of cake each week, so please do confirm your booking well in advance to avoid disappointments.

Wedding Cakes– 1 month booking period (minimum 3 weeks) 50% advance on confirmation of order. 100% payment 1 week prior to delivery date.

Other Cakes– 1 week booking period (minimum 3 days). 20% advance on confirmation of order. 100% payment on or prior to delivery.

3. Cancellations

We have booking limits per week so that we can give sufficient time to maintain our high quality standards for each cake. Hence if you cancel on us, it is loss of business for us as we would have refused other orders for that week.

Also, please be aware that depending on the cake design, we begin preparations even upto 2 weeks in advance (for engineered cakes). Cake decorations that require adequate drying times are made a week in advance for wedding cakes and 2 days in advance for other cakes.

Keeping this in mind, here is our cancellation policy:

Wedding Cakes

Cancellation upto 2 weeks prior to event: Full refund (minus cost of any items purchased specifically for the cake, we will provide you with these items as well as a receipt for them).

Upto 1 week prior: 50% refund

Later than 1 week: No refund

Birthday and Other Celebration Cakes

Cancellation upto 3 days prior: Full refund (minus cost of any items purchased specifically for the cake, we will provide you with these items as well as a receipt for them)

Later than 3 days: No refund

4. Refund Policy

We strive to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their product and work very hard to maintain our quality standards.

Everything is always tasted before leaving our studio. Every cake,  freshly baked, requires some form of trimming before decoration (at the least, simple levelling). This enables us to taste each and every cake going out (one cupcake per batch). Hence we always check to ensure that it is completely cooked and the taste is as per our tried and tested recipes.

In case you are still dissatisfied, we will be happy to offer you a refund/ future discount subject to the following conditions:

  1. If you feel that the cake is bad/ spoilt/ uncooked, you will need to return the uneaten cake within 4 days of delivery so that we can taste and make an informed decision.
  2. If you are unhappy with the decoration/ finishing of the cake design, you may refuse to accept the cake or inform us in writing on delivery, for which we will offer you either a full refund (cake not accepted) or a future discount.
  3. We do not take responsibility for damages caused to the cake during transportation. We will always send you a picture of the finished cake before it leaves out studio to avoid any confrontation. If you are concerned about the transportation, we request you to please arrange for a pick-up of the cake from our studio.

For refunds arising out of cancellations, please see the Cancellations section.

5. Shipping and Delivery Disclaimer

5.1 Delivery Delays

Delivery may take longer due to:

  • Bad weather
  • Political disruptions
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

In such cases, we will proactively reach out to you. Please check your e-mails and SMS regularly for updates.

Before major occasions, we suggest that you place your order at least five days in advance.

We attempt delivery of your order only once. In the event the delivery is not executed during the attempt, you shall still be charged for the order and no re-delivery will be possible. We will consider the order executed in the below cases:

  • Wrong shipping/delivery address.
  • Recipient not available.
  • Premises locked.
  • Recipient refusing to accept the delivery.

In case if the recipient is not available, he/she can inform the delivery person to deliver the order to the gate/reception/neighbour.

Proof of delivery will be provided in case of any dispute in delivery.

If there is no one available at the shipping addresses to accept the delivery of your order at the time of delivery, the order will not be considered late. Hence in such cases, no refunds, cancellations, liability can be made. We will surely try our best as mentioned below:

  • Call the recipient to schedule an appropriate delivery time.
  • Leave a note on the recipient’s door asking them to contact the florist to schedule a delivery time.
  • Leave the cake in a covered, secure area of the home (porch, garage, or other entrance)
  • Leave the cake with a neighbor and place a message on the recipient’s door with this information.

5.2 Anytime Anywhere Delivery

Subject to the other terms of the Shipping Disclaimer, deliveries will only be made between 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on the chosen delivery date.

We cannot commit the exact time for delivery.  Subject to the other terms of the Shipping Disclaimer, the order will be delivered +30 or -30 minutes as per selected time.

We will attempt to deliver your cake to any location within Gurgaon/Delhi accessible by road.

5.3 Free Delivery Policy

Cakeologist guarantees free delivery of your cake within the city limits of Gurgaon and New Delhi, subject to the terms of the Shipping Disclaimer.

However, we reserve the right to refuse to offer free delivery at our own discretion. In these cases, we either request the customer to pick up the cake themselves or avail of delivery on charge.

5.4 Condition of the cake

While we will take every precaution to deliver your cake in a perfect condition, we cannot guarantee the condition of the final delivered cake. If the delivery location is accessible by bad roads, we recommend that the customer herself/himself pick up the cake to avoid unnecessary conflict due to poor transportation of the cake.

5.5 Delivery to Wedding Halls/Marriages Policy

For delivery of order items to Wedding Ceremonies/ Marriage Halls, we may not be able to assure the delivery to the bride and/or bridegroom. However, we shall ensure that the delivery is made to one of the responsible member of host.

5.6 Delivery to Enclosed Premises (Hostels/ Cantonment/ Housing Societies)

We do undertake deliveries to hostels/PG/Cantonment/Enclosed Premises. However, please ensure to make the following information available:

  • Name of the premise
  • Full address of the premise
  • Telephone number of the recipient and the premise
  • The name of the recipient
  • Room number/Accomodation number (as applicable) of the recipient

The recipient needs to either come to the gate of the premises to collect the delivery or send someone on his/her behalf after coordinating with the delivery person. The order can be handed over to security/any other responsible person or the order will be left at the reception and the order will be assumed as executed

6. Offers

We offer discounts and other promotions every now and then. We reserve the right to withdraw or retract any offer at anytime without reasons.

All offers are on first-come-first-serve basis only. The date and time stamp on the order email/ message will be considered for determining position.