Filling and Crumb Coating


A lot of cake decorators will tell you that they will give you any filling you like in the cake. While theoretically this may be true, for the same considerations as above, the filling needs to have its own shear strength to prevent it from oozing out and causing the entire cake to compress. This will cause bulging out of the fondant al the bottom of the cake. Hence, the most common filling used in Tiered and Sculpted cakes is flavoured buttercream.

We, however, like to stay away from using buttercream for one very big reason: our climate. The main ingredients of Buttercream as the name suggests are butter and icing sugar. Do remember we live in the sub-tropics, where it is quite hot year-round. Imagine a blob of butter sitting out on the kitchen counter; for most of the year, it won’t retain its shape for any length of time. Now imagine a cake covered in buttercream. You would have to keep it refrigerated the entire time, right upto the cutting and serving, which is just not practical. Additionally, the fondant (in fondant covered cakes) will sweat the minute you take it out of the refrigerator and will create runny colours- in short- a mess!

We have found that the one thing that works beautifully in our climate is Chocolate Ganache- Dark works best, but White is also reasonably stable.

And who can argue, chocolate tastes best!