Everything Edible


Of course it is! But that doesn’t mean you should eat everything!

We believe in being completely transparent and honest with our customers. So here’s the real deal-

Decoration items like gum paste flowers, objects, etc should ideally not be eaten for two reasons, the chemicals used to impart the gum paste its elasticity are just that- chemicals. Additionally, significant quantities of Synthetic Food Colouring are used to get bright colours. All this makes these items extremely unhealthy.

Add to that list- dark coloured fondant. While we will always recommend that fondant be kept white or at best, light pastel shades, some customers do want their cakes in a dark coloured fondant base. In this case, we recommend that the fondant be peeled off before serving the cake. This is so because it requires copious amounts of, again, Synthetic Food Colour to get dark shades of fondant. Think about it- the original colour of fondant is white;  add a little amount of any colour and it will be a light version. The worst offenders are Red and Black.

We will always inform you of any inedible items used in the cake, like dowels, support structures, etc.