The science of our perfect cakes- explained.

Everything made fresh and to order

It is our principle that we do not pre-make and store large quantities of cake, icings or fillings. While these products do have long shelf lives, we believe that our customers deserve to have only the best and freshest. So please give us a minimum of 3-4 days to plan and prepare your masterpieces. Of course, the more complex the design, the longer we will require as most decorations require adequate time to dry completely.

 The selection of flavours that we offer:Cupcakes-5.png

The Cake

Well that’s a no brainier! Or is it? Did you know that not every cake is suitable for cake sculpting or decorating. The weight of the fillings, coverings/ icings dictate that the cake used should be: Reasonably firm; so that the cake doesn’t collapse with the weight of the layers above. For this reason, cakes … Continue reading The Cake

Filling and Crumb Coating

THE FILLING AND CRUMB-COATING A lot of cake decorators will tell you that they will give you any filling you like in the cake. While theoretically this may be true, for the same considerations as above, the filling needs to have its own shear strength to prevent it from oozing out and causing the entire … Continue reading Filling and Crumb Coating


Depending on your design, there are three types of icings you can have FONDANT Who says fondant tastes bad? Well if it’s the readymade store-bought fondant that you will regularly encounter in most other designer cake shops, then yes it’s true. But hold on, we grew up eating fondant covered wedding cakes that were so … Continue reading Icing

Everything Edible

IS EVERYTHING EDIBLE? Of course it is! But that doesn’t mean you should eat everything! We believe in being completely transparent and honest with our customers. So here’s the real deal- Decoration items like gum paste flowers, objects, etc should ideally not be eaten for two reasons, the chemicals used to impart the gum paste … Continue reading Everything Edible

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