Cakeologist is a ‘Cake Studio’, specialised in designer cakes, customised to fit the customer’s brief. Currently, we are an Online only business. We do not do regular cakes.
Located in Gurgaon, Haryana, we service  Gurgaon and New Delhi.
Hobby to Business

Cakeologist originated from a long-time hobby.

My passion for Baking manifested itself right from my school days. I would bake cakes for birthdays of best friends, siblings, cousins, grandparents. Noticing this, my mother sent me to one of the best wedding cake makers in our locality. This was the ’90s Mumbai; the concept of designer cakes hadn’t caught on. Wedding cakes were mostly locally sourced from home bakers, and almost always were the traditional, rich plum fruit cake, covered in marzipan and white fondant. On a regular hunt through the second-hand book lane in Mumbai (I am a voracious reader), I stumbled upon an international ‘Designer Cake’ decorating book, and I was hooked immediately. I took to cake decorating like a fish to water.

However, society demanded that with all my education and degrees, I take up a well-paying corporate job, which I duly did.

After 10 years of a fairly stable career spanning across both the corporate and government worlds, I finally decided to do something that truly makes me happy.

Decorating cakes, I found out, was like riding a bicycle, you may get out of practice but you will never forget. For over a year, I honed up my skills by enrolling in a professional cake decorating school- The Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School.

Paul Bradford was a founding owner of Truly Scrumptious Designer Cakes, UK and now helps out as a consultant. In 2011 Paul changed his focus from creating designer wedding cakes and birthday cakes to teaching how to make them via his cake decorating courses and tutorials. Paul has made cakes for celebrities such as the Bee Gees, famous footballers and royalty both in the UK and Prince Albert of Monaco.

So, what started out as a part-time hobby, is now my full-fledged business.